Autofy: QuickBooks Salesforce Integration

Connect Your Way.

Autofy for Salesforce integrates QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Salesforce in just a few easy steps. Stop errors, wasted time, and hassle in their tracks. Start automatically syncing your important data on demand or on schedule, and save time!

  • Standard integrations for customers, items, sales orders, invoices, receipts and estimates

  • Ability to accommodate custom fields and custom objects

  • Easy setup, friendly support and expert help when you need it

Free 14 Day Trial

  • No Credit Card Required
  • Easy setup
  • Full Version


  • $59/month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Full Version


  • $595/year ($495 nonprofit)
  • 15% Discount (vs Monthly)
  • Full Version


  • Robust Test Mode to simulate a sync to see what would happen before you sync
  • Salesforce Opportunities go to QuickBooks Orders, Invoices, Estimates, or Receipts (can be reversed)
  • QuickBooks Customers sync to Salesforce Accounts
  • QuickBooks Items sync to Salesforce Products
  • QuickBooks invoice details go to Salesforce Opportunities
  • Payments in QuickBooks update the open balance amount in Opportunities
  • Easy setup in just a few steps
  • Error notifications emailed to you
  • Syncs on demand or on schedule
  • Friendly support and expert help when you need it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Which versions of QuickBooks and Salesforce does Autofy work with?
A: Autofy works with QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise (2009 and newer), US and Multi-Currency editions, as well as QuickBooks Online. For Salesforce, it supports all editions.

Q: Will Autofy pull all my Salesforce Accounts and Products into QuickBooks?
A: No, Autofy only pulls Accounts and Products that are related to a closed/won Opportunity.

Q: Is the trial for a starter version of Autofy?
A: No, the trial gives you the full version of Autofy with all standard functionality.

Q: I have custom fields/objects. Does Autofy sync those too?
A: Yes, Autofy can be customized to sync any custom field or object in Salesforce.

Connecting is a snap!

Certified to work with QuickBooks Online and Desktop