3 Simple Plans, Unlimited Possibilities


Whether you're just getting started, need to tweak a few fields to fit your business, or have custom data to automate, Autofy has a plan for you.  


* Additional Channels $39/month
(Or $395 Annually)

* Additional Channels $69/month
(Or $695 annually)

* Additional Channels $99/month
 (Or $995 annually)

What's a channel?


A Channel is a connection to an app.  Think of it like connecting to ESPN, Discovery or National Geographic.  You can even have more than one Channel per app, like watching ESPN1 and ESPN2.  

Your subscription gets you 2 Channels initially, which you can use to set up your Workflows.  You can add more Channels as you need them (maybe another e-commerce store, or another QuickBooks company), and pay as you go.  Each Channel includes unlimited data flow to and from that app, so sync to your heart's content!

So, which plan should I choose?


  • If you use standard Salesforce, QuickBooks or other apps with no custom data, then standard Autofy should be your choice.
  • If you want to map fields you made on standard objects, then Autofy Pro should be your choice.
  • If you have custom data tables or objects to connect, then Autofy Custom is for you.

Other Services


Implementation and Testing

Autofy Experts set up, configure, test your connections, and train you on best practices.


Professional Services

Don't feel like customizing yourself?  Let Autofy do the heavy lifting for you.  Integration experts will design and build out your integration, connect it with your systems, test it thoroughly, and train your staff on best practices.