Welcome to Autofy

Autofy is business class automation for your small enterprise.  Just because your business is small doesn't mean it's easy.  Save valuable time by automating your work, and focus on what matters most - your customers.




Connect your apps

Autofy connects to your apps in just seconds - even on the desktop.  Add Channels to Autofy to make them available to your Workflows. Set up as many Channels as you like, and let Autofy keep track of the data.

  • Lots of business class apps are available, with new ones being added all the time
  • Even connect your desktop apps
  • Make multiple Channels for one app - great when you have multiple e-commerce sites

show autofy how you work

Workflows let you teach Autofy how your business works, as simple or complex as you need.  Create new Workflows from available templates, or make your own from scratch.  

Start with your Ecommerce orders, send them to your Salesforce org, and when ready, push them into your accounting app, like QuickBooks.  Autofy lets you decide what happens when - you're in charge.



map your data

For Pro and Custom users, open up the mapping options from one of your Workflow steps, and tweak your data any way you want.  

  • Re-map existing fields
  • Create new field mappings
  • Easily test your mapping setup with a few clicks


Check status anytime

Status Center shows you what Autofy synced, record by record.  Search by name, date range or status to find out what happened when you added a customer, or where that missing invoice could be.  

  • It's as easy as red, yellow, green.  Quickly find trouble records and take action to keep things moving
  • For cloud Channels, click on the record name to see that item, customer, or more
  • Drill down to find out more about how Autofy handled data

Why wait?  Try Autofy free for 14 days, with full support included.