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Autofy Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Web API


Connect your app to one API, and open the door to reliable, flexible, branded integration for your users. Gone are the days of poring over old crusty SDK docs, tinkering with Web Connector, asking the internet how to fix something, and waking up in a cold sweat.


What if you could integrate QuickBooks Desktop with an API, like it was on the web?


Drop in your branding, link to your docs, even connect to more than just QuickBooks.


Autofy is built on battle-tested technology, and supported by integration experts.


Integrating Directly Is A Drag

Devoting resources to building QuickBooks integration can be costly and time-consuming.  Look at all the things your team would need to do in order to bootstrap a QuickBooks integration yourselves:

How It Works

Sign up for Autofy Enterprise, connect your app to the Autofy API, brand and distribute your Agent, and authenticate your users.  Autofy automagically connects to QuickBooks Desktop and lets you request, insert or update data to your heart's content.  You still fully own your customer relationships, but Autofy stands behind you if you need help.


A Modern Alternative

With the Autofy API, integrating QuickBooks Desktop is a snap, because you don't have to write directly to the QuickBooks SDK.  And with the Autofy Agent, you get simple, reliable integration to QuickBooks.  The Agent runs in the background, out of the way, and lets your users focus on getting stuff done.  


This is the autofy agent


It's simple, and connects to QuickBooks with just a few steps. 


White label the Autofy Agent so it looks like yours.  We'll help you fit in your logos and other branding.


Check out our API docs to try it out.




Helpful developer docs


Use our REST based API to exchange data with QuickBooks via the Agent.


Use only one API to connect to QuickBooks, and other on-premise apps.


Direct access to Autofy developers for the life of your Autofy Enterprise service, for answers to tough questions.


What's Included:

We know you're going to have questions and need help to go far quickly, so here's what you get with Autofy Enterprise.

Autofy API Access for Unlimited End Users

Tier 2 Dev Support

Agent White Label Branding

Setup Help From Propelware Developers

User Documentation Consulting


What People Are Saying

Propelware’s integration expertise helped us address a critical market need for our customers, working totally within our timelines. They gave us incredible focus, were dedicated to our success, and are a pleasure to work with.
— Bill O'Boyle from Citrix
At Fundbox, delivering a delightful experience to our users is a big deal. Some of our users need special support for connecting their accounting data, and Propelware developed a great solution to help them. As a result of the partnership, those customers who have used Propelware are some of our most engaged and satisfied.
— Prashant Fuloria from Fundbox
Propelware and I have worked together on projects for some of the largest companies in the U.S – and they never failed to deliver with excellence. Autofy is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes – my “go to” any time a client has integration needs.
— Joe Woodard from Woodard

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service for?

Autofy Enterprise is aimed at anyone with an app that has users who use QuickBooks.  Or maybe you'd just like to tap into the 6 million+ companies that use QuickBooks.

Why wouldn't I just integrate to QuickBooks myself?

You're certainly welcome to, and Intuit has lots of documentation on connecting to their SDK.  But we think that's a lot of work, and not even the whole story.  Refer to the table above that shows the true costs of integrating QuickBooks to your app on your own.

Can't I just use Web Connector?  It's free!

Nothing stopping you here, either.  But Web Connector has had it's share of difficulties.  If you can deal with those, then as a free option it's pretty attractive.


Looking For More Info?

Reach out anytime, either by filling out this form, or chatting us in the lower right corner.  Either way, we're here to help you quickly integrate QuickBooks to your app.

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