Workflow Template:

Salesforce and QuickBooks

Autofy connects Salesforce and QuickBooks Online with a default (template) sync to get you started. Many businesses stick with this - this is our Standard product, and it's great for businesses that have a simple workflow.

What Will It Sync?

Template Flow- SF + QBO.png

How Does It Work?

Connect once to your apps to create Channels.

Trigger syncs yourself, or schedule them.

Syncs data as it's created or modified.

Status Center shows you a list of all the records Autofy synced.

Autofy emails you notifications if anything looks wrong.

Autofy support answers questions and solves problems.


Opportunities sync to QuickBooks transactions, most commonly Invoices, but you can choose. Autofy will get Opportunities that have been created or modified since the last sync, and send those to QuickBooks. Once they've been added to QuickBooks, Autofy grabs the invoice date, number and open balance and feeds them back to the Opportunity. As the open balance changes, this gets updated back to Salesforce.

Accounts sync into Salesforce from QuickBooks Customers. Autofy gets all QuickBooks Customers and sends them to Salesforce as Accounts. This ensures that your current customers are represented in your Salesforce org. Going the other way, Autofy only syncs Accounts to Customers if you're syncing a closed/won Opportunity.

Products sync into Salesforce from QuickBooks Items. When you add or update an Item in QuickBooks, Autofy will send it to Salesforce to the Products object. You can then use these products in your Opportunities, ensuring that QuickBooks is given items it recognizes.


What Does The Workflow Look Like?

Getting Started

To start using this template, just click below to start an Autofy trial. Then, click the template you want to use and follow the instructions.